Wednesday, February 3, 2010

back in business!

Time sure flies when you are having fun! Life around these parts is absolutely insaine! Lots going on and certainly not enough time to do everything! Some pretty big mile stones are coming up this year and we will hit them with a bang!

Lainey is cheering tons! Cheer competitions and practices run every spare moment we thought we ever had! They asked her to compete on a second squad for the national competition in Anaheim in April, so that will keep us even busier! She is the star student in her class and is perfect! She has grown so much I might die! Wearing size 10 clothes and size 5 (in women) shoes! She is of course, still a little Diva and soo much fun!

Trey is sure doing great in Kindergarten! He is learning to read like a little champ. He is having some health issues and we are trying to figure him out! We are spending lots of time between Primary Children's and Shriners. Hopefully we will pin point our issues sooner than later. Lots of changes are in store for this little man this year, so lets pray we all tolerate them!!!

Porter has grown up so much. He is starting preschool in a couple of weeks and is so excited! He is potty trained (for the most part) YAY! and pretty much against his own will!!! It is much easier to go in a diaper! He dribbles a basketball for hours every day, and actually sits and watches his dad's team play! Porter has grown like a weed too! We just took the clothes Trey started to grow out of and handed them right down to Porter (size 5)!

Grayson is hilarious! He has to make sure that he gets enough attention, being the youngest! He is doing great developmentally. He is walking and talking like a pro. He insists on doing everything by himslef! A sure sign he is 2! HE has also grown like crazy! Now wearing size 3 and size 7 shoe! We still can't get him to stop sucking his thumb! He LOVES Woody and Buzz! He is sooo sweet and snuggly. Now if we can replace his favorite word "stupid" with something a little more charming.

Since basketball is full swing right now, life around these parts is pretty busy! My children eat out way too much! and going without sleep for many days and nights takes it's toll! But we sure have a lot of fun! I will post pics as soon as I find a minute to upload them!!! LOVE TO ALL

Sunday, December 13, 2009


My SWEET baby BOY is not a baby anymore! He is 2!!! Where has time gone? His over-protective mommy actually let him go trick or treating! He was sooo funny. He LOVED the candy, but hated his little turtle costume!
His over-protective mommy also let him go to McDonalds on his birthday! I know, CRAZY! And yes, he ended up sick! But he sure had a blast. He is such a happy little man. He loves his siblings and wants so bad to be BIG like them! He is ALWAYS smiling and happy. He LOVES french fries, and anything sweet! My only picky eater! He sucks his thumb till it might fall off, and has only ONE blanket that works for bed time and soothing. And when I wash it, he gets so mad when he puts it up to his face and it doesn't smell right! So funny!
Dad took all the boys to get their hair cut, and they butchered EVERYONE! Grayson barely had any hair! But I love his little toothy grin in this picture! Grayson is finally walking. YAY! He thinks it is the coolest thing ever!! He is constantly saying LOOK, WATCH, or screaming a high pitched scream so you will look his way!
Porter has helped his favorite word to be soo-pid. The more we said "NO" to him, the more he said it. We came up with the brilliant idea to say "I LOVE YOU GRAYSON, PLEASE USE NICE WORDS". So now for the past 3 days he gets mad and says: soo-pid, I wub ooo. All in a grumpy voice. I think all we did was make him think the latter part of the phrase was bad words too! OOPS.
Also, thanks to Porter, Grayson is ALMOST as obsessed with balls as Porter! That is ALL the 2 of them do. EVERYTHING turns into a bat or a hoop. The past couple of days they have managed to make bats out of the basting brush, toilet paper roll holder, the toilet brush, a tooth brush, the tv remote, a pillow, a shoe, and I am not kidding, ANYTHING they can pick up! When I had taken the most fun things away, Grayson simply uses one of his HUGE hands as the bat! They make me laugh! They will both stand with a ball on the tile and dribble for hours. NO JOKE. They LOVE it! Even at McDonalds, who cares about the slides when you can dribble a ball?!!?
Everyone still (and probably always will) babies Grayson. He is very well taken care of. Lainey is so good at understanding everything he says and being his second mom. Sometimes when Grayson gets up from his nap, Lainey is the ONLY one who can touch him! Grayson looks the most like Trey at this point (other than his twin, Grandpa Mac!)! They are so stinking cute!
Yes, he only got one candle. He was WAY too anxious to play with fire!
I love my sweet baby boy. He is such a fun, sweet, and full of life and attitude little guy. He is finally at the point where we aren't very worried about his physical delays. Boy is that nice. He is so happy and lovey! The past 2 years are a bit of a blur to me, but I am fully aware of the miracle that lies in this 25 pound boy! We have a long way to go, but no one who took care of this tiny, sick, sick baby can believe how amazing he is doing! He says so many words I can't even count! He loves to get his hair done (mostly cause it usually means he gets to leave the house!), he has to have my sunglasses at all times if they are in sight, and he almost never plays with anything that doesn't at least look like a ball!!! I love you buddy!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Number 2 (two months late)

The man himself... and our AWESOME seats! I can't say enough good about Brad Paisley. First of all he had watched the music video they had made with the local kids before he met them. He came out and knew Trey's name before even talking to us. It went a little bit like this!

BRAD: Hey buddy! Is your name Trey?

Trey: Um, yeah. (with a bit of a flabbergasted look on his face)

BRAD: Hey Trey, I just want you to know how honored I feel to have you here and in my video tonight. You look like a pretty cool guy, Trey.

TREY: You ah a pwetty cool guy too. And I like ya song, ya know da one wewcom to da fewcha?
BRAD: (laugh) Yeah I like it too!

From that point on they were buddies! For some reason Brad really singled Trey out. He spent by far the most time with Trey, and he continued to come back to Trey over and over again. He was so sweet I could hardly believe that he is a celebrity!
Backstage and my FAVORITE picture!
They let the kids ask Brad questions if they wanted... This was Trey's: "Hey Bwad? What do YOU wanna be when you gwow up"?!!? To which everyone had to laugh! He was just so sweet and innocent.
WOW! What beautiful brown eyes you have, BRAD! This was NO zoom! I was sitting on my chair and this is how close he was to me!
Once again, Brad is taking care of Trey and made sure to keep him safe!
Trey LOVED every minute of this night!
The cutest little boy EVER!!! He wanted to mock everything Brad did in every picture. If Brad changed his "stance" did Trey!
Dinner at Pei Wei! We love it.
Lainey and Adi. The two cutest girls at the concert! They were so cute and funny!
This is the lady from the radio station! Trey fell in love with her! We spent a lot of time with her before meeting Brad. She took to Trey as well and was so sweet. Trey had to hold her hand while I carried him. He would kiss her hand and tell her he loved her! And it was all over... an iphone!
Lainey, Me, Adi, Jim, Trey and Kimmi, and our awesome shirts we got made!
This is kind of a long hang in there. So Trey had told me a couple of weeks before the concert that he was going to be famous and I was going to have to be really nice to him. (see previous post) While Trey and I were backstage, the rest of our group were watching the opening acts. I guess Lainey was so excited to tell EVERYONE that her brother and her mom were backstage meeting Brad Paisley! When we came out there was people by us who asked Trey if he was Trey and if he had been backstage. He of course said yes and told them all about it. They were hysterical and telling him how famous he was now. To which he said "I KNOW". wow! So they of course proceeded to ask him to AUTOGRAPH things for them, water bottles, blankets and my fave, A HOODIE! He just thought it was normal, I guess! When he had signed several things, he had to ask "ya sha ya don't want me to sign anything ewse? Boy did that go to his head!
The radio station also had given us general admission seats, but then when we got there, they upgraded them! This pic was also taken from my seat with no zoom! It was amazing!
Lain and Trey...Best Buds
Starting to get tired! He fell asleep the song before his famous video was on the ginormous screen. I woke him up and he was so mad at me! He finally got over it when he saw himself about 3 stories big!
What pretty little buddies!
And the end of it... the pins coming out of his elbow. It was finally all healed and he was allowed to start kindergarten 6 weeks late. He is making good progress now and we are even done with the wheelchair. YAY! He is a smart little man and is constantly reminding us that he doesn't need to go to school because he "ahwedy knows evwy fing day teach"!
I know, kind of gross, but he made me promise I would put this picture on to show Grandpa Mac and Taylor! He already has the CHICKS DIG SCARS thing down I guess!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

bad luck & BRAD PAISLEY

The bad news is our sweet Trey has had a bit of bad luck! He was jumping on the trampoline....yep we are going there! Somehow he managed a pretty severe break on his arm. It was Saturday night, August 22nd. He had eaten 15 minutes before the accident. I was at work and was able to meet Jim and Trey at the ER. It was VERY OBVIOUSLY broken. They took us back and sure enough, it was a "pretty good" break. His humourous (bone above the elbow) was snapped into a few pieces as well as the bone on the side of the elbow broken off and shoved up behind his humurous. HOW DO WE FIX THAT? S-U-R-G-E-R-Y! But because he had eaten so recently, they couldn't do surgery until his stomach emptied. They admitted to the hospital for pain control until they could do surgery on Sunday.
He had to have two rods placed, and the ends stick out of his skin. The doctor was not comfortable with Trey walking, because he is worried about re-fracturing or moving the rods out of place. He now has a wheelchair, and is not allowed to start kindergarten until his arm is ALL THE WAY healed. He has been a trooper and as you can see, is brave and STILL SMILING! I can't believe what a happy guy he is! Such a smart guy!
Trey IS a LADY'S MAN! In the middle of a bunch of girls is where he wants to be! It has been almost 3 weeks, and he is healing. We are doing kindergarten at home, which isn't going over that great! He is sure he knows more than I do, but loves coloring and cutting with scissors!
Now, the good news...BRAD PAISLEY is coming in concert to SLC on the 19th. I ADORE that man's music! He has a new song WELCOME TO THE FUTURE. (click here to watch the music video) It features children telling what they want to be when they grow up. The radio stations had a contest for local kids and they are making a SLC version of the music video that will be played at the concert. We decided we would enter Trey. When I asked him the night before what he wanted to be when he grew up the list was LONG...a dentist, a scientist, a cook, a dwivah, a stoah wuhkah, a doctah, an ahtist and a video game pwogwamah! WHAT? How does he even know what that is? Then next day we went and shot the video. I told him to choose ONE thing he wanted to be... A SCIENTIST! We submitted the video to the radio station and today at 2 o'clock today the radio station called to let us know Trey is one of the 5 first place winners! WOO HOO! We are so excited! His clip will be featured in the video, he gets 2 tickets to the concert, backstage passes, photos with BRAD PAISLEY, and he will be involved in a press conference with BRAD PAISLEY!!! I can't express how happy I am as his mom! This makes him feel like such a star! I love seeing my kids thrilled about things! CONGRATULAITIONS TREY, on being THE PERFECT TREY!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


My DEAR, SWEET Trey is 5! I can't even believe it! What a little man. I can't tell you enough about my little buddy! He is walking like a star, going to start kindergarten (we are sure!) and has a vocabulary that could exceed the average 20 year old! He loves Lainey and wants to do everything she does! He is a lady's man. If you ask him how many girlfriends he has, he will tell you "at weest five hundwed"! He is so tender hearted. He always says to Taylor "come and sit by me, Guhlfwend, so you can howd my hand"!!! One day he said he was going to take her on a date, she asked where...the reply...McDonalds! She asked how he was going to get money to pay for it, he said she was paying!!! Then he asked how he was going to drive her there, he said he wasn't! Siwy Taywah, you ah going to dwive! Boy do we have some teaching to do!

Last night I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up...he went through a list... a cook, a scientist, a stoah wukah, an ahtist, a dwivah, axuwy, foahget aw of dat. I guess I am going to be a video game pwogwamah!!! Where in the world he knows about that, I have no idea! What a funny boy.
Oh the excitement of video games! He tells me he has to practice all the time cause he is going to play Grandpa Mac and beat him when he comes home from his mission!
Dad and Lainey made his most rainbowish cake! He was completely thrilled!
Houston, we could have a problem... VIDIOTS. aka too much game time!
The boys can't get enough of the GAMES!!! Aren't they cute?
Yeah, Grayson took a dive off of one of the rides! I picked him up and held him close while I loudly asked "Oh little boy! Are you ok? Where is your mommy?!!?" Made me feel better for a minute! Happy BIRTHDAY Mister TREY! WE LOVE YOU!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

THe start of something new...blogging again

Trey Salli and Kenna. What a group of funny buddies!
This is the beginning of blog-catch-up 101! Hopefully I can get a bunch done in the next few days, cause heaven knows I just downloaded 500 pictures! This is our FABULOUS trip to BUHHHHH WAKE (Trey and Porter think it is FWEEZING!) with Jim's family. We had soooo much fun. We had wave runners and 4 wheelers and a TON of dirty, happy kids! We can't wait for Grandpa and Grandma to get back and come along with us!
Here is proof that my kids (Trey) spent a lot of time in the sun this year! They had to have a quick rinse in the lake before we went back to the camp site.

Grayson and daddy. Grayson enjoyed the sun and camping the least as the lake was cold and so were the nights. Luckily Grandpa Steve and Grandma Jill saved him and took him to their house one of the nights! THANKS SO MUCH!
Kenna, Lainey, Jake and Ethan. THe BIG kids!
Aren't they just the sweetest? These two have started to really love to play together. Porter is a big tease and knows how to push everyone's buttons, but usually Trey gets his feewings hut, and it is vewy sad! They sure are fun!
Jim and Salli (Twey's best buddy, no one ews's)
Our NUTTY little family! Of course Porter has to ham things up, and Grayson is sucking his thumb, Lainey is being a princess, and Trey is sure the camera is hooked to his toe!
My sweet baby is growing up. He finally gave in and decided to like the sand and water. It took a LONG time. He hates being exposed to new textures. I am so happy he was able to adapt!
Lainey LOVED being in the water and hardly ever took a break even to eat! She was so much fun to watch
Trey would get his life jacket on and not let anyone touch him for hours! By the time he would get out of the water his legs would hardly move!
Porter, Porter, Porter! I asked him what he was doing after I took this picture and he said "Dis says I LUV YOU MOM. Duh, Lainey awready showed me dis." As he rolled his eyes. PS-I do feed my children, this one just burns EVERY single calorie he eats!
My little buddy, my baby, my sugar. He is the most precious thing! (Except when he tells me Na NA Na Mommy. MINE, ME, DON'T) It makes me laugh, but here comes my sweet little baby into a toddler :( He is cruising around furniture and can stand by himself! Can we say MIRACLE!